At Up Market Research, we strive to ensure that clients are completely satisfied with their purchase, along with maximum value for the money they spend. With this in mind, we offer clients the opportunity to modify or add to the scope of a present report to make sure that their requirements are fulfilled. This addition or modification is allowed to the extent of 10% of the report cost.

Clients can provide customization requirements to our team by filling the ‘Request for Customization’ form for any report, or contacting us via telephone at Office Contact: +1 909 414 1393

Yes, you can purchase individual sections of the report. All you need to do is get in touch with our representative with this request, and they will guide you accordingly.

Single user implies that the report copy can be distributed to a single user only whereas in case of multi user, it is restricted to not more than 5 users. Corporate license indicates the distribution of the report copy across the organization.

Once you are done with your purchase, the receipt will be sent via email.

The report will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 working hours, the moment we receive your payment. In case of urgent requirements we do respect your deadlines, Contact us: sales@upmarketresearch.com

The different formats of the report are as under:

  • PDF
  • Word Document
  • PPT (Depends on the nature and content of the report)

In line with industry practice, payments once made are non-refundable, owing to the nature of our business, where a report essentially constitutes a transfer of our knowledge & understanding of the market. With this in mind, we provide comprehensive post-sales support to our clients, which includes call-time with the author/analyst to address any queries about the report. In addition, clients can also request additional data points, up to 10% of the report cost, free of charge, post purchase.

Following modes are available for making the payment:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Online Payment via Credit Card (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Cards)
  • PayPal