Enteral Feeding Bags is now one of the most popular forms of feeding used in hospitals throughout the world. An increase in the total number of hospitals globally, particularly in developing countries like India and China which use mechanical procedures for administering indigestible liquids to patients suffering from various diseases, to meet the exact nutritional requirements of an enormous population is only going to contribute to the explosive growth of this global enteral feeding industry. It is now estimated that there are in excess of 300 million people in the developing world who are known to be suffering from serious communicable diseases which could be fed through appropriate feeding practices. The major health problems for which this method of feeding is used include such serious ailments as beriberi, scurvy, cholera, diarrhea and meningitis.

Enteral nutrition is fed to such patients through peristaltic pumps or via hollow tubes inserted into the abdominal cavity via the navel. There are now also plastic feeding tubes called 'enteral cannula' available on the market which can be used in place of the tubes. Plastic tubes are however less expensive than the tubes made of metal. A plastic tube can also be taken into the surgical room in case of emergency.

There is a rapidly growing demand for these products owing to their high efficiency and cost effectiveness. This factor has led to the emergence of innumerable brands manufacturing both the in-born and disposable bags. While the in-born disposable feedings are highly reliable and cost-effective, they may not be as traceable as the mechanical ones that can be traceable to the manufacturer.

The increasing demand and availability of the in-born enteral feeding bags can be traced back to two main factors. The first factor is that the human body tends to absorb more nutrients in bigger doses. This is one of the reasons why the human body can only absorb so much. The second reason is that these feedings are extremely cheap as compared to mechanical types like the mechanical tubes and plastic tubes.

Reasons behind its rising popularity

The second reason for the rising popularity of these products is the ease with which they can be used. These days you can find almost any brand of feeding bag on the internet. This makes it easy for people to source out the best brands of the enteral feeding pump sets and other related products. There are even companies manufacturing and supplying these products online. They have set up their websites to make it possible for people to purchase from them without having to personally visit their stores. This has reduced the costs of operating these websites and has allowed many to run their businesses from their homes.

The global trend of buying the products online has also helped in improving the traceability of these products. There is no longer a need for people to go around searching different retailers for the right products. With the advent of the internet there is now a wide traceability network in place. People can check out which companies manufacture and supply the products. They can check out whether or not the company abides by international standards and can trace back the origin of the same.

Rising Demand: There is no denying the fact that Enteral Feeding Bags is catching on with people all over the world. This is mainly because of the ever growing demand for the products. The global population is steadily increasing every year and this is resulting in an increased demand for better nutrition. The consumption of animal meat is on the rise and people are looking for alternatives. Animal meat is high in fat content and as a result is not ideal for diets especially for those on the vegetarian mode of life.

Enteral Feeding Bags is ideal as they not only provide the required nutrients but also help in reducing the fat content of the food that one consumes. It is due to this factor that the popularity of these products has seen a tremendous surge all across the world. As a result many leading retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon has come up with their own version of these bags. These bags are very easy to carry and can easily meet the dietary requirements of the people in today's modern world.