Coconut Shell Powder is derived from the seed of the coconut which is found inside the coconut. It is composed of the edible part of the coconut called the 'keratin', which is in turn made up of lignins. Keratin is an important component that plays an important role in the skin and nails. As mentioned above, because it has good resilience properties, high strength, resistance and abrasion resistance, it's suitable for prolonged usage. The outer shell is quite similar to hard wood in chemical composition although cellulose content isn't as high and lignin content is less.

It is very easy to prepare. You can easily add this powder on water or mix it with some other ingredients. You can even put it onto different types of food or crackers. This product is commonly seen being used on chicken cutlets and different types of seafood. There are many people that consume it either raw or cooked.

One great benefit of using it as a filler is that it doesn't have any negative impact on the health of the individual. It is found in a variety of food preparations, however it's important that you choose those that are fresh and pure. It can be a great value-addition to your current raw material supply as long as it is produced in the right way.

It is widely used as a water absorption agent. It absorbs a large amount of water from any type of food or drink, as a result the food gets dried out. For instance, fresh carrot juice or strawberries after being boiled gets absorbed by coconut shell powder. However, for commercial purposes, it should be blended with tap water.

Coconut Shell Powder is a popular ingredient used in various forms of Thermoset Molding Powders. It is found in numerous products including Thermoset Molding Mix, Squeaky Wheel, and Cuddle Up! A popular use is as a water absorbent filler in many different foods. For instance, crushed pineapple or banana pieces, sugar, and various other fruits get a great absorbing power when combined with coconut shells.

Best use of Coconut Shell Powder

One of the best uses of Coconut Shell Powder is its ability to help in the production of lost circulation. Coconut Shell Powder is often mixed with water or any oil well drilling solutions to increase the viscosity and overall thickness of the end product. It also aids in the production of a greater volume of oil well drilling fluid as well as increased pressure. This is particularly useful for domestic applications like domestic oil well drilling and horizontal well drilling.

Another very common use of Coconut Shell Powder is in the manufacture of creosote. Creosote is derived from crude oil obtained from dead tropical trees. In the manufacturing process, coconut shells are combined with water and other additives to improve the consistency, production speed, as well as end-product properties. Apart, from boosting the properties of lubricants and greases, coir pith can also be added to the manufacturing process to prevent the sticking of creosote clumps during the grinding or polishing processes.

You can also use coconut shell powder as an effective de-cocooning agent for fabrics. A common use is in the production of artificial fur. The coconut shells are combined with other materials like nylon and wool to produce long-lasting artificial fur. Apart from de-cocooning purposes, the powder can also be used as an agricultural fertilizer. It is very helpful in reducing the adverse effects of fertilizers in soils. It has been used as a substitute for synthetic fertilizers for many years.

Apart from being a highly useful industrial product, the grain of coconut found in the raw material is also widely used as a source of natural charcoal. This is made from coconut husks, washed, ground and then re-cured to form a fine dust. The fine dust is widely used for biomass energy producing plants and power generation plants. The charcoal obtained from coconut shells acts as a molecular sieve. This sieve is highly useful in breaking large particulates of solid materials into liquid or gas forms.

Coconut shell is extensively used in Bakelite and thermoset molding powders. It is the quality of the coconut shells that make them ideal ingredients for such powders. It is because of this quality that the thermal conductivity of these and thermoset molding powders is high. This means that they will easily transmit heat from their surface into the surrounding area during the casting process.

In both the processes outlined above, it is the Coconut shell that acts as a solid immobile layer. It ensures that the carbon industries components remain solid and are able to undergo the desired processes. Not only is this beneficial to the manufacturers and other involved parties, but is also beneficial to consumers. When you use products that have a high degree of heat conductivity, you ensure that the surface finishing liquid products do not produce lumps or bumps in the finished object.